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Zika and the contraception misconception

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at 2016.04.20
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What’s up?

Many Americans are misinformed about the Zika Virus and pregnancy. A recent Harvard poll found that 40% believe Zika Virus can harm future pregnancies for a women not pregnant when she gets infected. Stop.

 What do we know?

First things first. Zika can only affect an unborn baby when its mom is infected while pregnant.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control says there is no evidence that prior Zika virus infection poses a risk of birth defects in future pregnancies.”

What should we know?

Women who have the Zika Virus should wait at least eight weeks after symptom onset before trying to get pregnant, and men should wait at least six months. That means men should wear condoms or completely abstain from sex during this time.

So if you’ve recently decided to throw precautions to the wind and try for a baby; beware. If your Zika symptoms started less than six months ago (guys) or less than 2 months (girls) you’ll need to salvage those precautions from whatever windy place they were thrown to. Or hang on a bit longer. Before unprotected sex, that is.


For more answers to your Zika questions, visit #zikasabigdeal and the CDC #zika for updates


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