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Preparing for the holidays? Give your health a headstart

at 2015.11.25
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So you’ve been busy preparing for the holidays – buying food, arranging travel, and making plans with family and friends. But is your body prepared? Here’s a seven-day countdown, seven point action plan to help you make plans with your body.

Diet always matters. But during the holidays, our unquestioned commitment to gorge ourselves on foods we’ve waited all year to eat, beckons us to forego a healthy diet once at the table. Turkey drenched in gravy, walnut sausage stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, pumpkin and apple pie. Appetizers galore, and of course, those holiday drinks and cocktails.

It’s the traditional apocalyptic-style food free-for-all that comes with each meal or party feast that can finish you off, both in terms of your diet and energy levels. But neither do you need to deny yourself of traditions to keep yourself healthy during the holiday. Instead, the key is to plan ahead!

So a week prior to, and then throughout the holiday, remember these seven pointers for a healthy holiday:


Be sure to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water daily. Drinking water is super important to flush your body of toxins and rehydrate both your body and skin. Get a jump on your 2-liter requirement by drinking a large glass of water when you first wake up in the morning. And then be sure to drink and keep drinking more water throughout the day.

Eat fish, fish, and more fish.

Eating fish for at least one meal a day for seven consecutive days will get you red carpet-ready before any big event, including the holidays. The omega three essential fatty acids found in fish will not only give your skin a beautiful glow, but the anti-inflammatory properties can help you feel your absolute best.

Get rid of the bad stuff.

Cut right back on bread, pasta, rice, foods made with refined flour, and high sugar content foods. You will be grateful you saved those calories when it comes time for your holiday meal.

Cut back on alcohol.

If you must partake in evening cocktail hour, limit yourself to one glass of wine or one measure of clear spirits. Your body will always thank you for it the next day.

Keep moving.

Although the holidays are a very busy time, don’t let your exercise fall by the wayside. Instead, hit it hard the week before the holiday. Wake up 30 minutes earlier to get your workout in. And don’t stop! Stick to the same schedule every day.

Grab extra ZZZs.

Be sure to bank up some extra sleep the week before the holiday. You will need it in reserve to get you through the holidays, as the hustle and bustle will likely disrupt your biological sleep clock. Staying up late, drinking more alcohol, and those heavy-hitting carbohydrates can all interfere with your rest.

Smile often

We all know the holidays can be stressful. Being thrown together into a house full of people who haven’t spent so much time together for a while isn’t easy for anyone. When gifts don’t arrive on time or your least favorite relative annoys you, be mindful and try and find the humor in the situation.

The effects of smiling and laughter not only will help you to de-stress, but it’s contagious in the best way. It shows that you are truly thankful, and enjoy celebrating life with your family and friends.

So keep in mind these seven pointers, and you and your body will be just fine.

Oh, and one more thing. Remember to pick up the turkey.

That’s all folks, and I wish you a very happy, healthy holidays!


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