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Senior on bench at beach

Do You Know Where You Are Going to Die?

A The fear of dying soon and burdening others was the usual catalyst for calling my Uncle  Henry.  He sold cremation plans for one of the larger well known cremation services.  Henry’s job…

Til Genetics Do Us Part'

Til Genetics Do Us Part

It’s complicated….. Whether or not a couple can weather through the storms of conflict or not depends not only upon our emotions but also according to research, what’s hard-wired in…

The ‘Dark Side’ of the Sun'

The ‘Dark Side’ of the Sun

Planning a vacation in the sun? You may want sunscreen long after the sun has gone down Rolling off the press study ups the ante of the dangers of the…

vaccine autism debate

Measles: Outbreak Reignites the Vaccine-Autism Debate

An explanation of the anti-vaccine movement. Its origin and its claim The measles outbreak at Disneyland, December 2014, prompted a frenzy of public and media attention to the hyperbole of…

Could Your Heel Pain Be Plantar Fasciitis?'

Could Your Heel Pain Be Plantar Fasciitis?

  Do you suffer from heel pain, especially noticed when you first get out of bed in the morning? Does getting up from a seated position, climbing stairs, running or…

Q and A: Cynthia how do I keep Seasonal Affective Disorder in Check?'

Q and A: Cynthia how do I keep Seasonal Affective Disorder in Check?

Cynthia, I have seasonal affective disorder that lasts until around May every year, especially since I moved to Chicago. Is there anything I can do to keep it in check?…